Welding technology for the automotive industry

Düring provides welding technology for the automotive industry and has gained a reputation as a trusted partner with a special focus on honesty and sustainability. We not only highlight reliability and on-time delivery as key aspects of doing business with us - we also stick to our promises. Aligned with these core values, we are ready to meet the individual needs of each customer according to their respective area of application.

What we offer OEMs

Whether you would like us to build your own welding gun construction according to your specifications or set up one of our own standard systems: Düring stands for reliability and outstanding product quality made possible through our decades of experience.

  • On-time delivery - even with short lead times
  • Smooth commissioning of your production lines
  • High spare part availability
  • Fast and strong service and support

What we offer suppliers

We know your challenges as a supplier - and we support you in mastering the requirements of your customers without any deadline risk and with special attention regarding the important details. Quality and reliability are our top priorities.

  • Technical support benefitting from our decades of expertise
  • Reliability in all matters
  • Fast service - even at peak times
  • Ensuring a continuously great product lineup

Requirements in prototyping

Manual welding guns are still predominantly used in prototyping Since different vehicles are often manufactured in the same line, or the plate shapes are often not known in advance, the welding gun must be suitable for a variety of material and plate pairings. That’s why we have moved the welding program memory from the inverter directly to the gun in order to ensure a fast station change. We have also included a wide range of connection and comfort options to enable swift ergonomic work.

Special geometries for special requirements and individual components are designed in-house and then manufactured individually.

Serial production requirements

Robotic welding guns are used for automated production processes. Due to the extreme loads in the production lines, the guns must be made of high-strength, certified materials in order to reliably ensure a process-safe welding spot on a permanent basis. We manufacture our welding guns with state-of-the-art CNC machines in-house.

Düring manufactures your individual robotic welding gun for a wide range of robots, components and all common drive variants.

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