Special solutions

There are many applications and tasks that can not be realized with standard solutions. For such special requirements, we have developed products such as the MSW 1000 welding gun carriage and the roller seam welding gun.

Are you looking for an individual solution for your specific welding tasks? Our design engineers guide you and work with you to develop products that exactly match the requirements of your company.

Roller seam welding guns

Roller seam welding guns allow dense resistance welding to cylindrical components such as tanks and dishwashers. Rotating roller electrodes produce gas-tight weld seams or roller point seams of the highest quality. Do you have a specific task? We produce roller seam welding guns that are specially tailored to your needs.

MSW 1000

Our welding gun carriage enables maximum mobile resistance welding. This means you can take advantage of a stable station without being tied fixed welding guns. The control module, compressed air and cooling are already firmly integrated into the welding gun carriage, all types of manual welding guns can be connected.

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