The Düring company history

For 30 years we live the values of a traditional family business. Founded by Karl A. Düring in Königsbrunn, Düring is now part of the international POSSEHL Group.

  • 1980 founding of düring

    Karl A. Düring, together with his wife Ursula, founds Düring Schweißtechnik GmbH in Königsbrunn, southern Germany. In the first years, Düring specializes in sales and production of welding technology and accessories.

  • Expansion of the product line

    In the following years, Düring expands the company headquarters by a comprehensive mechanical production and begins to produce resistance welding machines on site in its own production lines.

  • Portfolio enlargement

    Together with its customers, the company continues to develop the standards of welding technology and gets involved in robotic applications.

    The first mobile welding systems come from our own production. Compared to previous models, they are not stationary, but are completely mobile and can be used as flexibly as possible.

  • 1998 international expansion

    Düring continues to grow and expand internationally. As part of this, the subsidiary in Sao Paulo, Brazil is founded. A first milestone for Düring in the South American market.

    The company currently has a completely mechanical production in Brazil. Here, 35 employees produce high-quality welding guns and machines on an area of 1000 m². The legal “Local Content” is fulfilled.

  • 2005 expansion to mexico

    In the course of the expansion of our customers in South America, Düring opens a branch in Mexico. To date, this cooperation is characterized by mutual trust at a technical and economic level.

  • 2012 expansion to china

    With the establishment of a pure subsidiary in Shanghai, the company also offers customer-friendly, native-language support in sales and service in China. The branch has been growing steadily for years and has become a fixture in the local market environment.

  • 2013 acquisition by the possehl group

    Due to the lack of succession planning of family Düring, the company is taken over by POSSEHL Mittelstandsbeteiligungen GmbH (PMB).

  • Tradition meets progress

    Today, Düring manufactures a wide range of welding gun types for OEMs and has its own range of welding guns.

    With 160 employees, sales of € 36 million and an annual capacity of 5,000 guns, Düring supplies products, accessories and devices all over the world.

Continuation by the POSSEHL Group

Founded in 2009, POSSEHL Mittelstandsbeteiligungen GmbH (PMB) is part of the internationally operating POSSEHL Group based in Lübeck, Germany.

Meanwhile, the PMB is a multi-layered group of nine economically independent, decentralized business units.

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